Pre-investment preparation

  • helping with creation of investment projects
  • assessing buildings and consider their technical valuation
  • elaborating marketing project study
  • evaluating economic return

  • Urban studies

  • preparing complex urban solution of the location
  • including vizualizations and execution of models

    Complex project documentation

  • elaborating complex project documentation
  • for all stages of your project – from architectonic
    studies and models to realization

    Complex engineering activity

  • statements and documents to distribution systems and lands
  • communication with distribution systems managers and corresponding offices during planing inquiry
  • preparation of building permit issue

  • Building and technical surveying

  • At our projects we always check our realizations to correspond
  • with documentation and to be followed through all the details.

    Studies and projects of interiors

  • designing and executing interior solutions
  • preparing vizualizations
  • choosing accessories and their suppliers

    Supervisions – higher coordination of projects

    • valuating projects of others
    • coordinating independent specialized designers

    Realizations of buildings

  • providing turnkey projects