Beirut June 2013

The CONSTRUCTION of "phoenix 2625 ashrafieh" begun

Currently ongoing excavations...

february / march 2013

Presentations of ongoing projects for KSA

Our company ATS Saudi commenced work on important projects in KSA.

For the arabian company AL-HADDAB INVESTMENT we process the project of the high-rise building "DIAMONT TOWER", which will be used mainly for apartment (hotel) housing.

Another project is an office building for the company MEFIC CAPITAL - "CT TOWER" .

In addition to these projects we are working on designes of residential buildings, medicentrum (Sulayel), ranch and villas.

Beirut 10th January 2012

The CONSTRUCTION of "phoenix 2625 ashrafieh" IN PROGRESS

The construction of the " Phoenix Tower ", designed by Atelier Simona Group for the company Akaria, is going to start soon in Beirut.

Find more about the project in the company PORTFOLIO

Prague 10th-23rd October 2011

Ats saudi in architecture week 2011

ATS saudi represented Saudi Arabia in the "Arch Cities" exposition in Architecture Week 2011.
For more information about the exhibition see the ArchitectureWeek official website.

Download the ATS SAUDI brochure presented in Architecture week here.
View the fotoreport from the international exhibition here.

Ostrava 2nd April 2011

The Crab project finalized

Further building of the organic architecture designed by us will be handed over to the investor in the middle of this year. THE CRAB – a building named after its shape is intended for permanent residence and recreational use.
More about the project in company PORTFOLIO

New York 24th March 2011

The Bird in the NEW YORK TIMES

On March 24, 2011 an article about THE BIRD building realized by us was published in THE NEW YORK TIMES.

Fore whole article click here.

View New York Times website.

Riyadh 24th March 2011

Founding of SAUDI ATS company

March 2011 (April 1, 1432 of the local era) – we managed along with our Lebanese partners and SHIBA AL QUABIDA – a Saudi Arabia company to establish SAUDI ATS company with its headquarters located in Riyadh. Main goal of this company belonging to Atelier Simona Group is to continue successful tradition of Atelier Simona Group company and offer complex services in the building industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, via this company we suppose to develop cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even in further spheres of business and industry.
To find out more about the newly founded company click here.

Ostrava, 10th January 2011

New ISO certifiicate aproved quality of our work

Repeated SMQ certifikation took place in our company on January 10, 2011. It should have evaluated conformity of the quality system management in line with standards laid down by CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 norm. A new certificate valid for the period from February 7, 2011 to February 7, 2014 was issued to us upon the successful certfication without detected disaccords. For more information click here.

Ostrava 10th January 2011

Calendar of the RHEINZINK company

Photo of our building called THE BIRD was published on the title page of the RHEINZINK calendar presenting buildings of the year 2011. To find out more information click here or dowload it here.

Ostrava 14th June 2010

Building of the Moravian Silesian region

Our company gained honourable mention for the "Reconstruction of Opava Townhall" within the Civil construction projects category and the prize for technical solution and quality of THE BIRD private house, both of them in "BUILDING OF THE YEAR AWARDS MORAVIAN-SILESIAN REGION" architectural competition.

Beirut, 14th January 2010

ATELIER SIMONA – M.E.N.A, s.a.r.l. founded

December 2009 – a new company belonging to ATELIER SIMONA GROUP was founded. Atelier Simona – M.E.N.A, s.a.r.l. is a company involved mainly in architectonic, project and engineering activity with Middle East and northern Africa in focus.

For more information about our newly founded company click here

To see its preliminary projects go to our portfolio and filter the projects by selecting location: "ARAB WORLD"

Prague 30th September 2009

Building of the Year 2009

After six years we once again received an award in prestigious architectonic competition BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2009 for the BIRD private house construction. We were awarded in the „Public Award“ and „Stavitel Magazine Award“ category.

To see the awarded construction gallery click here.

Find more about the competition project in the organizers website