Alois Kuba Florian KubaVilem Kuba

Alois Kuba (1901 - 79),  
Florián Kuba (1903 - 83)
Vilém Kuba (1905 - 61)

During one century, since the year 1901 when Alois Kuba - a founder of building Kuba ancestry was born - three generations of architects and builders of this name came into consciousness of professional as well as lay public.

Mainly the first generation represented by Alois, Vilém and Florián Kuba  inscribed into plasticity of fashionably formed municipal town Brno. The most important is funcionalistic town architecture which development culminated in the 30s of the 20th century.

The basic idea, ie. efficient layout is beautiful by itself was applied and elaborated by Kuba brothers at the large series of five and more storey apartment buildings which by their functional, economical and sanitary aspects satisfied the most demanding requirements on comfortable living for sociometrically most numerous "middle class" of Brno population. Up to now these buildings are picked and evaluated as objects offering truly high-quality and comfortable living standard. Apart from these basic user functions Kuba brothers did not leave out aesthetic aspect of their buildings which was during the funcionalistic period of architecture development con­sidered as secondary.

Regarding approach of Kuba brothers, it significantly yet unobtrusively put the finishing touches to overall impression of the buildings being projected and realized by them and it became a consistent part of their architectonic character. Aside from large apartment buildings in Brno centre the brothers were the authors of well-considered and aesthetically valuable terrace estate in Brno suburbs. They projected and built many villas which were considered architectonical solitaires of the­ir kind.

Evzen Kuba

Evzen Kuba (born 22­. 9. 1932)

In the post war era an architect Evžen Kuba (1932) and a generation later even his son, an architect Roman Kuba (1963) became direct continuators within the continuity of family architectonic tradition. Their sphere of business is Ostrava.

Life-work of Evžen Kuba is very extensive and it includes numerous projects and realizations within the sphere of residential complexes with civic amenities, public and administrative buildings, hotel objects and bank houses later on. Creation of Evžen Kuba is characteristic by his exceptional sensitivity towards art aspect of architectonic performance. Natural architecture racionalism comes along with cultivated aesthetics rising from experience of moderate yet impressive gaiety, colourful contrast, space perception and effectively applied art detail.

Artistic but mainly human aspect of architectonic creation was emphasized by Evžen Kuba at many of his professional articles, commentaries and reviews at specialized as well as daily press by which he impressively weighed even in architecture theory sphere. Parti­cipation in republic and mainly in foreign architectonic competitions in which he was repeatedly appreciated is hig­hly significant for his architectonic heritage - for example the theatre in Amsterodam, theatre in Košice, Pavilion of CSSR in Monteral, opera in Sofia and so on.

Roman KubaYoungest Kubas

Roman Kuba (born 25.2.1963)

Family building tradition development continues in the work of an architect Roman Kuba who since the very beginning of his activity approves himself as exceptional, strong, vital individuality who programly quits strictly racionalistic building concept and he focuses on organic architecture being inspired by nature as a model of perfect structure, organization and beauty.

In many reconstructions as well as new buildings of bank subsidiaries, administrative buildings and family estates he works with arch, bending line, irregular curve or curvature, other time with manyangled ground plan derived from natural crystalic structure.

By synthesis of these organic procedures he creates unrepeatable settings of strong emotional beauty. Interiors bearing the manuscript of Roman Kuba are carefully formulated until the very last detail - starting with lightings and finishing with table footrest. His cooperation with artists within the field of design as well as location of particular, carefully chosen artefacts is extremely productive.

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